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Petroleum Trading

Liquid Base Stock Blending and Repackaging

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Crude Oil Trading

About Us

Under Our Board Chairman; Mr. John Kim -Tak Wang, at Jayta Nigeria, our primary focus lies in the petroleum and petrochemical sectors, where we engage in bulk trading across Asia and the Far East region of China. Additionally, we undertake infrastructural projects, including those related to power generation, agriculture, and civil engineering.

Expanding our operations, we have entered the Nigerian business landscape, with a particular focus on the Energy market. We aim to establish strategic reserves and develop refineries for crude oil processing.

Current Main Marketing Areas: Region-specific Operations

China, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam

We engage in strategic joint ventures and collaborations with local companies to optimize operations and enhance market presence in these regions

Europe and the Middle East

In Europe and the Middle East, our organisation’s activities involve facilitating sale-purchase agreements and trading activities with key players in the energy sector across the areas


Jayta specializes in product sourcing for retailing and wholesaling distribution in specific provinces. With a broad network of core buyers including blenders and factory outlets...

Middle East

In the Middle East, we have established drum petroleum sales-purchase operations in the UAE

Why Choose Jayta

Our mission is to responsibly harness the power of petroleum and petrochemical resources to meet the world’s energy needs efficiently and sustainably. We are committed to delivering high-quality products and services, fostering innovation in technology and processes, ensuring the safety of our employees and communities, and minimizing our environmental footprint.

Through strategic partnerships and continuous improvement, we strive to create long-term value for our stakeholders while contributing to the development of a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.

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Welcome To Jayta Nigeria

Mr. Emmanuel. O. Akuba,
Group Managing Director